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Great. Thank you for the information. I just want to find out as much info as I can before I commit.


Greg McCauley
Region Sales Manager

ORKIN Region #409
865-588-0543 fax

4315 Papermill Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37909


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At last count, there were 19 customers on the build list.  No one really knows how many guys have paid a deposit (except the builder), but there are at least 19 known.


My car was completed on Aug. 3, 2013.  It had to be towed back to SAS shortly thereafter with a blown head gasket, but the initial completion date was Aug. 3.


Since that date, SAS has not completed one car.  


Two men build the cars, the owner and one helper.  Both are in their 60's.


If you want more info, join the SAS site:  You can read the concerns of men who paid a deposit 6-7 years ago, and their builds still haven't started.


Any more questions?

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I live in Knoxville and have visited the SAS shop on a couple of occasions. I have spoke with a few owner And may have them build my car. Any thoughts?

This was taken in a repair shop in Boca. They had a social event.  The car was built in Knoxville tenn by Specialty auto sports (SAS) custom frame, mid engine Subaru with all the goodies.


Great Car! I Would Like To Know About The Picture.

Was That Taken At The "Builders" Shop ??

Also, Please Excuse Me But From The Posted Replies I Can't Figure Out Who The Builder Is (Was) ??

I Would Very Much Appreciate It If You Could Tell Me.


Best Regards:


Will Stonich



That's one way to shortcut the wait but these cars are so desireable that they rarely become available for resale.  Congrats and enjoy.  Charles put together a sensational ride!

Tks for the compliments on my 'Creme Brûlée  ' 'tub'   Having a blast with it. I believe it would cost in the mid 40's to duplicate it per the price list from SAS in Tenn.
    Can't put a price on the fun driving it and the attention it brings
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