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LE200 Cylinder Heads

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LE200 Type 4 Cylinder Heads


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The design philosophy for these heads was simple; achieve the maximum possible performance from readily available castings while maximizing flow utilizing valve sizes that we know are controllable with high quality, off the shelf valve train components. This approach keeps the cost associated with high-output, high RPM, reliable cylinder heads as low as possible.

While many products for engines are developed, brought to market and never further developed, that is not the case with the LE-200. In 2019 we added thermal barrier coated chambers and exhaust ports based which based on our research help to improve valve sealing and extend valve job life by reducing how much heat goes into the heads from combustion and exhaust heat. The ceramic coatings applied to the exhaust ports can handle sustained 1400F+ temperatures and are proven on track. Heads also feature a thermal dispersant coated exterior. All coatings are done by the industry leader, Calico Coatings, and really work!

New for 2020, we are on the 6th version of the LE-200. To say that they have changed radically from inception to present would be a misrepresentation. The quality of the head castings we had been sourcing from AMC had dropped off severely, so our cylinder head expert has worked with AA and we are happy to report, these new LE-200 heads based off the AA castings are far superior to any previous version. These are not off the shelf heads - we take new AA castings, throw everything away, and completely re-do them and replace everything down to seats and guides. We are also incorporating cryogenically treated and REM superfinished valve springs for added spring life.

LE200's now flow 210 cfm @ .500" lift and even break 200 cfm @ .422" lift. Valve sizes have also been bumped up to 46 x 38 for 2020 with improved port velocity, even with larger valves. Chambers are also coming in within half a cc, not plus or minus a half cc (in most cases).

The initial offering came forward after much development and accumulated knowledge. They were fantastic heads right from the beginning. But we did not stop there. We have continued to improve these heads along the way whenever new data or new components have made improvements possible. Port flow has inched upward, but the most notable improvement is the addition of premium Crower springs and chromoly retainers. We were happy with the springs we started production with, but when Crower introduced this spring, I jumped at the chance to incorporate it into the line-up. The dimensions allow for a much more positive location of the base eliminating any chance of spring migration, and the improved material composition greatly extends spring life in high revving competition vehicles that see elevated oil temps.

The LE-200's are the obvious choice for large engines that need to make torque at the highest possible rpm. That said, for the adventurous, they can be used to build a screaming smaller displacement engine.

The LE-200's are the finest high-end performance Type 4 heads on the market today because they are the gathering point for all of our accumulated knowledge and the best parts available. That approach will never change, meaning whenever you decide to purchase a pair, you can be assured of receiving a pair of heads in a class all their own, combining exquisite machine work complemented with top of the line components.

Our cylinder heads are not available anywhere else and all Aircooled Technology engines feature the same cylinder heads sold by the Type 4 Store. Your Type 4 deserves the best!

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Serial # Stamped in heads.


Chamber volumes


Step Cut



Ceramic Chambers & Ex Ports.

Exterior Black.

Valve Sizes

46mm x 38mm



Valve Springs

Crower Dual Cryo’d and Polished

Intake Spring Seat Pressure


Intake Spring Open Pressure

265lbs @ .500” valve lift

Exhaust Spring Seat Pressure


Exhaust Spring Open Pressure

265lbs @ .500” valve lift

Intake Spring Coil Bind Point

.581” valve lift

Exhaust Spring Coil Bind Point

.575” valve lift

Intake Valve Max Recommended Lift


Exhaust Valve Max Recommended Lift



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