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Did you hear that?
It's the sound of the custom car industry shifting into a different gear. Vintage Motorcars is now building Spyders, Speedsters and Coupes with some enviable industry talent.

Let’s start with some background.
I first visited Vintage Speedsters over 20 years ago. I met Kirk, the owner and founder. He had a well-oiled operation, turning out (at peak) 200+ cars per year. Next door was Vintage Spyders run by Greg, Kirk’s young protégé. Greg was building Spyders, Kirk was building Speedsters. Everything seemed right in the world. In the years since, Vintage Spyders moved to larger operations but Greg and Kirk have remained major industry players and close friends.

Vintage Motorcars Speedster and Coupe

So what happened?

After almost 3 decades, the owner and founder of Vintage Speedsters was ready for a life closer to retirement. Kirk, passed the business to new operators, lead by Justin, a newcomer to the industry. Justin moved Vintage Speedsters from its original Hawaiian Gardens California location, to Scottsdale Arizona. Unfortunately, none of the original Vintage Speedster build crew, were able to make the transition to the new location. From all accounts, Justin is ramping up the new location with new employees ready to turn out the Vintage Speedsters we have come to love.

Vintage Motorcars Raw Spyder and Coupe Body The original Vintage Speedster employees, who built more than 3500 cars and many of whom have decades of experience, were now without employment. Enter Greg, Kirk’s protégé and owner of the newly renamed Vintage Motorcars (formely Vintage Spyders). In a brilliant move for the industry and all lovers of custom cars, Greg re-leased and refurbished the old Vintage Speedsters factory. More importantly, he rehired all the original Vintage Speedster employees.

We now have an incredible options for cars, parts and service. Vintage Motorcars is in a facility that has been building Speedsters for nearly 30 years. The old crew is back together with combined centuries of experience. They are building, servicing and upgrading, Speedsters, Spyders and now Coupes.

Vintage Motorcars Shop

I was recently in Southern California and stopped by to see the operation. Impressive is an understatement. Greg made some great improvements to the Speedster business. Over the next few articles, I will detail some of the things I witnessed and improvements to the Speedster builds.

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