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Reply to "1915cc carburetor set up"


This is what I'm running on a pair of 40mm Dell DRLAs I got from CB back in the mid-1990's.  They’ve were set up to my engine specs (2,110cc, MOFOCO 044 heads, Engle 120 cam and I live about 500 ft. above sea level) by Dave at Blackline Racing in Utah with the following specs:

The jet sizes are:

.45 idles

1.30 mains

160 air correctors (to slow down the fuel through the main jets to overcome any hesitation - We went down from 180 air correctors)

.35 Accelerator pump jets

32mm Venturis  (This should work well on your 1915cc engine)

My E tubes are small (Del 02), but the numbers don't correlate to the Weber numbers so that won't help you so try the F7 as Danny suggested.

From a Pat Downs email  – Engine builder at CB Performance:  Jetting all depends on Venturi size and if the carbs have had any updates like the jet doctors or update kits. If they are bone stock 40mm DRLA carbs, the tried and true starting point is 180 a/c, 140 mains and .60 idles. Jet doctors can sometimes require a larger idle jet due to the direct air inlet from the idle jet holder.  A wide band a/f gauge is your best friend if you can get ahold of one and your exhaust type allows the installation of the 02 sensor.  Make sure your fuel pressure is correct for the Webers ( @DannyP - Isn't that 1.5 psi?)