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Reply to "1994 Intermeccanica rebuild Motor suggestions"

Stan Galat posted:
Bob: IM S6 posted:
ZFNHSN posted:

I have a '63 VW pan. My 2276 doesn't seem to overwhelm the chassis.  I will follow up in six more months however

I do think a smaller motor would be more in the spirit of what these cars were designed to run with the available technology back in the day. 

Yes, a smaller engine is more in keeping with the original cars, but who wants that?  A 1600 cc won't keep you up with modern traffic, and it's a waste of money.  Your 2276 is just right.    Good choice.

Once, in a fit of defensiveness, I opined (at great length) that a 1776 most accurately replicated the original ethos of the 1600 Super, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

That was a long time ago for me. I don't give a rat's patootie about replication at this point. Do what makes you happy. More power makes me happier. The tough part is knowing how far is too far, with regards to reliability and heat management.

If I were doing this again, with cost as no object-- there's no question what I'd do: 2270 Type 4, dry-sumped. That would be sweet. But as my last name is not Gates or Bezos, and as I'm still out here in the salt mines-- a 2110 is the Type 1 sweet spot.

@Stan Galat  yap Amen. Sweet spot is the magic words 👍😎👌