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A daily driver depreciates at a wholesale value by 60% at the 4 year mark but this market does not follow this depreciation curve. 

So Banzai, my comments were simply to try to inject a bit of reality into the pricing that we are now finding in the marketplace.  I am not trying to denigrate nor directly support a vehicle but in reality I am never the less making a value statement as to the depreciation curve.  

With an IM-6 the car was at the top end of the scale and where you have yours is in the market place in my opinion.  

IM's have sometimes been offered at what I consider is an astronomical price in this market. 

10 years ago a new IM 2110cc probably went for $70ish new!  Now 10 years later to ask the same price makes for an interesting marketing plan to say the least. 

I mean a 10 year old car, unless preserved in a time capsule, will have to have pretty much all systems gone over and like it or not all things go from an ordered state to a disordered state ... they simply age and dry out etc.  You cannot easily see this by a cursory look and a short drive. 

Enough said but

2007/12 y.o. being offered at 70K,    4 cyl 2110cc.

then a 2008 IM-6 $70K  2.7L    5 speed

and a near new 2017 IM-Subie for $79K   4 speed

What is wrong with this picture?  

At least one of the asking prices is out of range by a lot. 




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