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Reply to "2017 2018 JPS Business Update"

MaxMartens posted:
4Banger posted:

Is John Steal still alive and operating a business as JPS Motorsports?

As of April, 2018, our car contract was breached 7months ago. No car, no proof of any progress, and Mr. Steal owes us a whole lot of money we took from our retirement savings.  He refuses to answers emails, allow us onto his property or supply us with his lawyer's contact info. Lots to share about this business but can't speak of everything at this time. Anyone know of Mr. Steal's activities or have had similar circumstances?


Contract & first payment on Sept 1st 2017. Second payment Oct 1st (for paint). I have a paper trail.

I haven't seen a tub painted. He did point to a coupe tub and say its mine...

I took a risk, and this is where I stand.

The instagram and FB pages do have a lot of action amazingly. All the pictures I have seen are of the old shop. He has a vid where numerous people are working on cars. ...His shop is usually VERY slim on employees in my various visits.


I see three (at least) end games.

Legit move, new management and his business improves. Has anyone contacted the new 'management'?

Bad health forcing his actions as he he is not doing well? I hope not. I appreciate and wish for good health in everybody.

Potential sell out, 'freeing' himself of past/current builds, taking the money and run? That would be the most worrisome for current clients.

Ok senario # 4... 'New management' results in the dissolving of the company. New management needs to make themselves accessible, right?

There has been some 'confusion' in recent months concerning my build. I am not sure what causes the 'confusion'. I too, for the time being need to be reserved and show good intention.

I want the car. I wish well for John. I hope his life is ok. I hope his business is ok. We have had a couple of good conversations with my visits over time. As you can see, my intentions are good. Other clients hope his intentions are good too.


There is another scenario available to a few select people...jail time. Some things you can't avoid despite legal maneuverings. I wish I could elaborate. I too wish no one ill-health. All I can say is if someone thinks they feel bad now, just wait. I had some health issues I had to resolve too and my family has definitely suffered through all of this. The car was intended as a very nice birthday present for my dear wife. We allowed extra time as well as accommodated well past the due date. But business is business. I am sorry for your woes. I can't advise you except to say that just because you live a good life and treat others properly, doesn't mean everyone does. Too bad your contract didn't have specific intermediate due dates so you could claim breach when the first one wasn't met. I hope your outcome will be different than mine. So far it seems pretty familiar.  

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