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Reply to "2017 2018 JPS Business Update"

Ok, Troops.  Here is the daily Recon report on JPS  Dateline April 5, 2018  afternoon.

I stopped by the City of San Marcos business license division and verified the active license of JPS Classics LLC.  the address listed in the city records is in fact :

1825 Diamond St. Suite 103, San Marcos

I drove by the suite in a light industrial complex.  No signs on the doors, No suite numbers on the doors,  the larger suite next door is for rent.   JPS has the back suite that I estimate to be no larger than 2000 sq. ft.

I went to the leasing Agent's office and spoke to  Ken Dubs Sr. ( Dubs and Co. commercial Real Estate agents 1850 Diamond St #103, San MArcos (760)591-4100).

He said that Richard Crane was at the suite yesterday and he may have gone out for lunch. ( this was about 1:00PM) .  He said that he had Richard Crane's cell phone number and he could give him a call if I wanted.  Not wanting to "tip my hand", I told him that I wanted to show Richard something related to kit cars. I was just going to run a quick errand and then I would stop back by and see if I could catch him.  I then left the area and headed home.

My advice would be to contact Mr. Dubs and see if he would relay a message to Richard Crane and John Steele with the request that they contact you.  It never hurts to alert a landlord that there is "something not right" with a tenant and see if they can help you out.  Once you can establish contact with Crane/ Steele......... Take it from there.

Having personally gone a number of rounds with shady characters the likes of the former owners of Thunder Ranch, Carrera Coachwerks, ..........   I feel for you, 4 Banger........ it really sucks and I am constantly amazed at the under handed ways of some of these shysters. They think nothing of lying straight to your face ( since they have done that to everyone else for so long).    I am in deep with the $6 figures of "learning tuition" partly by my own fault and stubbornness not to cut my losses and run. But that is not me.  I have found some wonderfully talented and honest subcontractors that I use and am grateful for.   There are still some bad dogs out there.   Caveat Emptor  ( Buyer Beware)


Dr. Chris