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Reply to "2017 2018 JPS Business Update"

IaM-Ray posted:

I will simply say that the contracts are an area that most of us may not have realized need more work and must have many more conditions and caveats to protect the buyer.  

Otherwise, there may be no schedule for finishing, no expectations of fit, finish even source of parts whether used or new or even refurb. 

You, we, are putting a lot of trust in what the usual build is or isn't

Also, what happens if after the delivery date you start chasing an issue who's cost is it and for how long?  What if the vehicle develops something that you chase and after 2 years you realize was a major error was a logic error by the builder which caused you to chase it for 2 years at your cost. 

These are all potential situations that a custom build can create. 

Did I mention, Shipping of the vehicle and the list goes on. 

Sometimes I think we as a group should develop a basic contract to detail what a build contract should have after all having a full discussion of all points gives you the best possibility to have a good build and a good working relationship. 


IaM-Ray. Man, I really like your thoughts. Imagine if SOC came up with a contract or list of what to include. Such as holding money in escrow. Personally I'd never buy anything again that wasn't complete and ready to go right then. I'd rather buy Seduction or Vintage parts and build it myself. What's the REAL registration Scooby and the legal implications of VIN's and component parts? No more leaving up to the sucker to deal with it. And what about real intermediate completion deadlines? No waiting until the end to call out the dogs. Most real contractors are bonded and insured. What about proof of insurance and certain grades/certification of mechanics? They're out there. Third party objective inspections. The list goes on. No contract can ever be perfect. But we can sure do a hell of a lot more to make a difference for people like us.

In the end, we set the bar. If we want to talk about "level best", let's focus on both words. Let's make this forum about being on the level and doing the best we can. In an ocean, there will always be bottom feeders. They have a function. They eat up the trash. If we want the industry to survive, get better, and put the "thump" back into a solid made car door, we got to quit talking BS and work on the solution. So what is SOC about? We can have fun. Fun is fun. We can make a difference too.

I thank you for your comments. I think they are on target. I want to "pull the weeds"... both past and future.