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Reply to "2019 West Coast Cruise"

Kevin - Bay Area posted:
*LongFella posted:
Art posted:

AC in the coupe?

Yes. After this trip home, it will be a must for the Coupe. I might just give the coupe to Greg - I don't have the skills to fab up a nice looking AC system (I don't like the big rectangle looking thing under the dash).

More importantly, I will switch from the plained Type I to a Subie. Need to talk to Greg more about it. I'm sure the wiring harness is different and I would have to remove what is in there now. Good thing the carpet isn't installed yet!

@*LongFella, I’m Guessing the heat wave across California hit us all pretty hard on our return trips? I tried to hug the coast all the way home (adding 4 hours to my return); and still got burnt. Had to pull over once to let the engine cool; as the traffic in Santa Cruz got too much for the little Speedster. I also gave in and put the top up. 

I always put the top up on the drive home since I usually get burnt on Saturday. Even with the top up, I was cooking inside (more than the last two years).

More concerning is when the wifey and daughter drive the coupe up. If it is that hot on the way back, that's not good IMO. So, plans change and the price of the Coupe goes up ;-)

Thankfully, the Speedster held nicely. The temp gauge got the highest I have seen it, but not high enough to pull over and let her sit for a bit. I will thank Greg for making my engine combo and oil cooler set-up