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Reply to "2019 West Coast Cruise"

212AF3AA-9C1E-4E8A-AC3E-DB32FAB66B89A3A9E66F-13C9-4FE4-97DE-0691560C21DC93D44502-7608-447C-96F5-51FBCF7C8F43Boys, it was an absolute pleasure spending time with you last weekend! Just the best!

i don’t know if I ever would’ve treated myself to a 9.5-hour trailer trip, had you all not been at the end of that Uhaul rainbow...😆

@Robert M — thanks so much for your hard work in organizing the prom! It was a yuge success!

California’s a very big state, but this terrific weekend allowed us to take a pretty big bite out of it — high meadows, deep glens, and a matchless seaside... Thanks to all of my new friends for sweetening the trip with so many laughs, and so many Speedsters!

And for all of those who live too far away to trailer yourself out to this amazing event, consider this:

Perhaps you treat yourself to a golf getaway or a ski vacation or a week in a house at the beach each year, but whatever you spend on a typical vacation might cover the shipment of your car out to the West Coast Cruise and back, plus your airfare and hotel.  I believe there would be more than one California club member who would be willing to take delivery of your car so that it would be waiting for you when you got out there...

 Come out a few days early, as I did, and you can log hundreds of beautiful, unforgettable California miles on your car before you even meet up with this terrific group on Friday! IT’S THAT MUCH FUN! And, believe me, there’s nothing like seeing the car you love framed up against the limitless Pacific, on one of the world’s most famous highways…

Consider it!  🏎💨



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  • 212AF3AA-9C1E-4E8A-AC3E-DB32FAB66B89
  • A3A9E66F-13C9-4FE4-97DE-0691560C21DC
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