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Reply to "2019 West Coast Cruise"

Robert M posted:
Terry Nuckels posted:

Excellent, group leader!

Regarding the raffle...I have run out of car-related items. I have no more shirts or artwork left, I'm down to just two etched glass speedster mugs which I'm keeping.

This year I'm thinking drugs or alcohol...probably alcohol. The drugs will most likely be consumed on the ride down...

There are a lot of local places to stop and get SWAG from. Barrelhouse Brewery growlers, hats, shirts (they even had a cool VW bus themed shirt), o Firestone Brewery. Head out to one of the many wineries and grab a few bottles, stop by Anthony's shop and grab some Brad Penn oil for an oil change prize, etc etc. You're an imaginative guy so I'm sure you'll think of something.

Shop on Amazon and grab a tool roll or a compact tool kit. Prime will get it there overnight.

Alright, @Robert M, you shamed me into purchasing a raffle prize on Amazon. I did it while consuming alcohol...My second...whisky, neat. Therefore my gift was purchased while I was in a state. You could say that this raffle prize is related to alcohol.

I will present this raffle prize in it's Amazon packaging. The lucky(?) recipient will have to take a chance on its value and viability. Who knows? It could be compostible garbage bags or puppy treats as these items relate to my current orders.

The lucky(?) recipient might want to donate it back to the raffle, unopened, and add to the money prize at the end?  If it was me I would pass the box under the nose of a dog before I made that decision.

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