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Stan, is that your shop in the photos ?  Looks like someone besides me likes Grizzly Lathes !  I will be getting an new Grizzly lathe in the near future. The one I have is too small and it's close to being worn out now after nearly daily use for 20 years. I like the gunsmith version............Bruce

I love my Grizzly lathe.  Its perfect size for what I do and the community support is amazing.  I actually built all the parts a while back to convert the spindle to a D1-3.  I just needed a back plate for at least my 3-jaw chuck before installing it all.  Now that it has shown up, the conversion is complete.  That was the best modification I have done to this thing yet.  Now I can turn in reverse and not unscrew the chuck!

Not to divert Stan's thread too much, as we are prone to do, but how did you pin the adapter to threaded spindle?  How much did it add to the chuck overhang?

I turned a locking ring that is a close slip fit over the existing spindle and tapped 3 set screws that fit down into the existing tommy bar holes.  You can see 2 of the 3 set screws in the original picture, 1 at the bottom pointing toward the front way of the lathe bed and the second one pointing straight up.  Then when the machine work on the D1-3 adapter was all finished and I screwed it on the chuck for the last time, I drilled, tapped and countersunk an M6 flat head screw in the bottom of the each pin hole to lock the adapter to the locking ring. I wanted to use M8, but didn't have room in the hole to make it fit.  But really, 3 M6 screws will have more than enough shear strength to hold the adapter on the locking ring.

In this picture, you can see the back plate has a step.  I plan to turn that off when I get my 4 jaw chuck setup with a D1-3 back plate.  That will eliminate about .300" of overhang.

I have not measured to see how much extra overhang there is, but I would guess it is somewhere around a long inch, really its the thickness of the D1-3 adapter.  I rarely do any work that requires more than 6 inches of bed travel, so that was not important to me.  I was more interested in being able to quickly change chucks and have better repeatability when doing so.  My biggest driver in doing all this was to allow for turning in reverse and not unscrew the chuck.  Now that I can do that, I need to make new parting and threading tools so I can really take advantage of this whole setup.


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