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Reply to "A(nother) Bridge Too Far"


@Stan Galat posted:


...You do know the definition of "hardhead", right? In Miriam-Webster's there's a picture of a silverback ape under that heading.

"Don't be like Stupid Stan."...


Stan, I don't think what you do is 'stupid' at all.

You're a builder. You build stuff. You like building stuff.

Houses. Garages. Motorized bicycle hoists. (No one builds a motorized bicycle hoist unless they like building stuff.)

I think you like the building as much as the driving, maybe more.

Some people like solving a Rubix cube. The joy is in the doing. When the puzzle's solved, there's elation, but some disappointment, too. We're done here. What's next?

It's the achieve of, the mastery of the thing. (footnote 1)

One thing I've learned here is that we all get something a little different back from these cars. Me? I'm no mechanic. The less I wrench, the better a world this is. I can wreak more havoc with a screwdriver than most people can with high explosives.

I like a motor that just keeps running. It doesn't need to make more horsepressure than Fred's motor. If it just keeps running.

If the car can get me through some vineyard country and let me taste the air as I go and feel the terroir rise and fall under my wheels, that's payback enough. I'm good being me. You need only to be you.

There's no right and wrong here. No better or worse.

There is no stupid.