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After you check the items mentioned by Al, you could check in the engine compartment the cable/throttle tube/linkage return springs.

if the stock throttle tube is worn, the braided cable will catch on the sharp edge, eventually snapping.   

I replaced the stoc tube with the attached, and it made a difference...


Also something worth checking is the tension on the return springs on your linkage/carbs assembly.

When I got my VS back in 2013, the springs were much stronger than needed. They applied to much tension on the cable, and the pedal was sticky/ it bound at times ( as it caught on the throttle tube).  I replaced with softer springs, and it made a world of difference... unfortunately by the time I did, I had already worn the edge of my throttle cable tube...  so I replaced with the above roller throttle tube.  All works great now.

I ran a simple test back then by using a wire, & reducing tension from the return springs on the linkage assembly .  See attached photo.  The change in pedal resistance/consistency was immediate.  Pedal no longer stuck.  May be worth testing...


Hope this helps!


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