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Reply to "Air Fuel mixture measuring device"

Two bungs would be the way I'd go. I would think this would aid in tuning seeing that I'd be reading exhaust gas from two at a time versus all 4. But what do I know.....

I don't think my exhaust blends very much at the tip. My tip is just a band to keep both ends together.

exhaust 2

The spot I also thought would make the most sense would be between the flange and the muffler. One question though, does the two pipes coming together before the flange going to mix enough before hitting the sensor?

exhaust 1

I've got a bit of an exhaust leak on one side. When I take the exhaust apart to weld in the two bungs, I was thinking of using some kind of exhaust sealing paste to make a better seal. Is there a better way?

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