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Reply to "Air Fuel mixture measuring device"

So I was getting ready to install my WB Wideband gauge, sensor and wiring. I'm not going to permanently install it, but long enough to do what I've got to do, then I'll remove it. 

Danny, do you also remove the O2 sensor from the exhaust when your finished tuning? I would think this would be a good idea.

The instructions that came in the box just has wires, no fuses or anything else.

In the PDF on line, they have a fuse on the red (power) wire and nothing on the black (ground) wire. 

Wide band

My harness came with the fuse on the black wire and some kind of resistor on the red wire.

Wide band 2

@DannyP is this how it came for you? If not, how? Thoughts anyone?

I do have an inquiry in to WB Wideband to see what they say, but I thought I'd also run it by the brain trust.

I'll shrink wrap the other 3 wires separately since I'm not going to use them, but I don't want them making contact with anything. 

I also have two bungs that'll be welded onto my exhaust. 



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  • Wide band
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