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Reply to "Air Fuel mixture measuring device"

Just got my bungs welded. One on each side.

exhaust sens 3

I also messed around with a temporary suction cup mount for the gauge.

exhaust sens 5exhaust sens 4

I'm also going to make a hood, like on a traffic light, so I can clearly see the number.

I also had the same idea for the gauges. The oil and alternator lights aren't very visible during the day time. 

I might semi permanently install the wiring harness that the WB gauge came with. When I'm not using it, I'll just remove the gauge and O2 sensor then tuck one end under the dash and secure the other end in the engine bay. I'll wrap the plug on the end in the engine bay to protect it.         Any reason this would be a bad idea?

If the weather permits, I'll start measuring O2 tomorrow, after i calibrate it as per their directions of course. Then I can start buying jets. I might even do some jet doctors too.


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  • exhaust sens 3
  • exhaust sens 5
  • exhaust sens 4