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Reply to "Automotive Math Formulae for Dummies"

Sacto Mitch posted:

 If the math doesn't predict what tuners know to be true, then someone is using the wrong math, or more likely, not enough math.

For years, the experts couldn't figure out why bumblebees can fly. But it turns out they were making some bad assumptions (the experts, not the bumblebees).

In any case, when I signed up for this forum, I was told there would be no math.

For sure.

The math (and models) are catching up with the real world, but most of the formulas published for general consumption (by simpletons like me)  are a few generations off the cutting edge.

The big-boys in automotive manufacturing know what they are doing. Builders and tuners know what works. Desktop dynos are becoming amazingly accurate. But schlubs like me are generally trying to figure it out by sifting through tables and formulas published online that are decades old.

The main problem is that this hobby is served at a rate of about 90% by impostors and charlatans, 5% who know what they are doing, and 5% who think they know better than everybody else. I'll let you guess what category I fall into. It's cost me a king's ransom over the years.

I'm turning over a new leaf. We'll see if I can keep my thumbs out of the pie.

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