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Reply to "Beck Seatbelt Options"

I have finally found a photo, grabbed from a video, of how the 3 point seat belt appears to work on a newish Beck Spyder. It seems it's just a loop attached behind the left shoulder of the driver (and in the photo behind the right shoulder of the passenger), and the belt tensioner is down near the floor somewhere.

3 point seat belt shoulder connection Beck 2020 Spyder

I swear to God that when my car finally arrives I am going to make a significant number of lengthy videos for YouTube that show and explain in close-up, high-definition, and exhaustive detail every possible aspect of these cars.

I think I will start with a 15 minute video on just the dashboard and steering wheel and every control there, how each and every control works, how it moves, and how it sounds when it moves, will be first up.

Then another long one about what's under the dash, including the carpets, the floor, the pedals, the heater core and controls, the bluetooth stereo, the 12V or USB plug, and anything else down there.

Then another really long one about the seats, how they move and how far, the seat heaters and controls, every part of the seat belts, the parking brake, and the clamshell release control.

Then there's the frunk, and exactly what's there, how the horn sounds, how the gas tank cover actually moves in close-up.

And another one about what's under the clamshell, and the list there will be so long it may take more than a few videos to cover everything that I want to know about now.

Then one that shows in precise detail exactly how the top and side curtains work, and what it's like to get in/out and drive with it, and then also include the tonneau cover, including placing it, zipping it in half, and driving with it that way. But maybe the tonneau video needs to be it's own 15 minute long episode.

And when I am finished every person on the lengthy waiting list will be able to satisfy their almost unbearable curiosity by seeing every damn thing I'm almost always only able to guess at until the day I can actually see a late-model 550 somewhere or make the pilgrimage to Bremen, Indiana.

There are hundreds of these cars in the wild, and scores of people like me on the waiting list, but so much is still a mystery. But I promise that when my car finally arrives those that follow me will know far more than I did during the wait.


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  • 3 point seat belt shoulder connection Beck 2020 Spyder