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Reply to "Calling all Northeast Replicar People!"

You know, Lane, you're right.  That's a Metro.  Don't know why I called it a Crosley, other than we had a few Crosleys around these parts when I was a kid - Don't know if that's a good thing or not, but it makes Worcester County pretty unique - There was a guy who sat outside of a popular discount store selling popcorn out of a Crosley when I was a kid.  Most people have never even heard of Crosley cars, or know that all of the Nash Metropolitans were actually designed in the US but made in England by Austin.  

My Mom's BFF from college had Nash Metros for 30 years; Turquoise/White, Red/White, Coral/White, Black/White, all cute little cars that fit her lifestyle, as she was a single Mom struggling to make ends meet and raise her son in the years before it all became "fashionable", and ended up with a son who worked for NASA, helping to design the space shuttles and ISS.  

My fav from the show today was that 1930 Model A pickup from "Crab Apple Orchard".  I had a 1930 Model A "parts truck" used for chasing after parts and stuff when I was building my '46 Ford Coupe street rod back in the very early '70's, but my engine/transmission was all modern.  Still, with something like a 4:56 Model A "torque tube" rear end it really cranked on the freeways.  Looked wicked awesome with a bunch of fenders and bumpers sticking up from the pickup bed, though, and my landlady back then thought it was "cute" and gave me some extra garage space for it.

Lane:  the 'B GT" was one of those rare, Rover(?) V-8 versions, too!

Also, looking back at the photos of Pearl against the backdrop of Jon's car, I am super-pleased with the stance and overall look (I don't actually take a lot of photos of her).  Just what I had in mind when I was dreaming about her back in 1993 - low and sinister looking.  And then there was that poor guy in a very late model 'Vette who couldn't shake me on the curves of RT 140 on the way home and, as he turned off towards somewhere, his right seater gave me a wave and blew me a kiss.  'Vettes don't stand a chance against Pearl.

Kind of like an East Coast, white-instead-of-black "el Guapo" car, don't yah think?  

(and those "Lightening McQueen" eyes really make it..........)     

Upping the level of Bad-assery in Pearl White Cars, too!  Mahalo, my Brutha Jim!


By the way, for those of you who had forgotten, Prarit's Seduction 550 was the car that helped document the Mass. DMV's ridiculous regs for registering a replica built after 2011, while my car did the same for cars built before 2007.  This was a BIG DEAL for us as we've been trading emails, phone numbers, DMV contacts and stuff for a long time but had never met before today!!!!!!!!!!   We'll be getting together again in a couple of weeks for the Volkswagen show nearby and I hope to do a gratuitous "group shot" at that time.    Stay tuned!!!

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