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Reply to "Calling all Northeast Replicar People!"

Sounds like the labels from "Magic Hat" brewing in Vermont:

Magic Hat

They have a Summer Seasonal called "Seance" that's actually pretty good (it's mildly spicy) but the label is cool, too.  Perfect for a Summer evening watching cloud lightning from the back deck:


The best stuff in south-central New England is from Treehouse Brewing in Charlton, MA.  They have a label reminiscent of the "Whomping Willow" from Harry Potter:


They don't sell to restaurants, sell only 30% of their stock in cans to ten stores and the other 70% is walk-in at the Brewery only, buy a Growler there or bring your own for refill.  The line out front of the store on a weekend is usually 45 minutes.  Weekdays it drops to about 30 minutes.  They frequently sell out, so they've recently bought an entire microbrewery from a bunch of Trappist monks (who made a terrible meade-ish thing that never sold) and will be ramping up production starting just before Christmas.

Ahhhhh.........    Really decent Microbrews!


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