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Reply to "Car Badging"

@Sacto Mitch posted:

.The last thing Stanistan needs is a vice-president. There is no voting in the Senate there, as there is no Senate. With no voting in the Senate, there are no tie votes, so there's no need for someone to cast a tie-breaking vote. And aside from casting a tie-breaking vote in the Senate, what useful purpose does a vice-president serve?

Besides, my birth certificate says I was born in Philadelphia, so I'm ineligible to hold public office in Stanistan.

My Bolshevik comrade Mitch is always welcome for a state visit to the glorious People's Republic, but only as a foreign emissary. As he is not a citizen, but merely a "friend of the state" I'm afraid he would be unable to hold elected office, assuming we had such a thing

... which we do not. For I am President for Life (Beloved by His People, Who Have No Need of Elections). Even the diplomatic license plate frame on the Presidential Limousine proclaims it.

For the Glory of the Republic

Mitch is correct in his assertation that we have no senate, politburo, courts, or constitution - because we have no need of them, insomuch as "his word is law" as the glorious flag of our republic proclaims:


In this, we are not unlike many of the Lord Governors of your United States, who also of late unilaterally decreed the suspension of their constitutions and became their respective state's de facto "Dear Leader" (with no need for legislatures, courts, or the rule of law).  I must say that I was impressed by their zeal for their people, and with their control over their press. It brought a tear to my eye.

Regarding badging on vehicles operating within the People's Republic - the '63 panel bus has all of the standard VW badges, with some additional deluxe trim bling. Likewise, the actual FCA work van and Pacifica proudly proclaim for all the world that we are a humble people, with no need for fancy imported frippery and whatnot. The Speedster flies an Intermeccanica badge on the dash, and a Super/Duper badge on the deck-lid (because the Type 1 is, well, "Super Duper").


It is only the glorious Presidential Limousine that truly lets its colors be unfurled (or as the first lady calls it, "lets the freak flags fly").

Limo Driver

^ That's me pictured above (staring heroically into the middle distance). You can tell by my chauffer's hat and by my tuxedo tee-shirt that I'm a man of the people. You can tell by my moobs and skin-tight double-extra jumbo tee-shirt that I didn't miss many meals during the lockdown.

So you see, the badges and gimcrackery are apropos for certain cars. If yours is one of them, then by all means, you should display them. If you feel that restraint is in order, so as not to arouse discontent in the proletariat, that is understood as well.

You do you. I'll be out here in my little corner of flyover country doing me to the very best of my ability.


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