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@El Frazoo you are correct all regards....i was being facetious when i said standard equipment...with mr.john boy...nothing was many different i recall all my badging was $500 or thereIMG_20200211_105447_111 about....anything saying PORSCHE or with the crest is kinda like H/D (harley davidson)...which stands for "HUNDREDS of DOLLARS" dryer also little key fob was $34.00 & my wooden shift knob was $80.00.....but in my mind...mandatory kit

I’m happy with my new Beck horn button and a SoCal Speedshop shift knob. Had it been up to me, I would have quit at the two Spyder scripts on the fenders but it came with a front and rear emblem and a rear Porsche script. I’d rather have those than the mounting holes.

Part of “the long story” for me is that my early Beck Spyder identifies more with the “plastic car, parts bin special” ethos of the early 60’s-70’s in such cars as turners, lotuses, Meyers, TVR, Ginetta, Elvas, Devins, etc. than it does with anything Porsche.  

Heres a new one on me. 1960 Tornado Thunderbolt. Originally Ford underpinings, Triumph motor, then 105-E Ford then CC Twin Cam just like Turners.


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