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Reply to "Car Badging"

@IaM-Ray posted:


I did see the 911 owner later in the day when he walked by the other cars I had in the show. I said hi. I did not get a response. I don't think it would have mattered if the speedster would have had Chevy Citation badges on it. Just a bad situation all the way around.

It was awful. No more shows for me. I just drive and enjoy.   '

I have been there.  Those guys are around everywhere you go, some show you their two decimal place IQ and their lack of upbringing.  Since when does owning a high end car, something you bought,  makes you part of some elite club, or that they are better than the other because they have more money toys etc.  It's the same with degrees, jobs, professions, trades etc.  Not too many people that own cars are kings in real life, maybe only in their own minds.  


In my experience, it’s guys who bought their cars as status symbols that are the ones that have the problem.

Guys who drive Porsches because they’re real car guys think a cool car is a cool car. And how many of us own “real Porsches,” besides? I sold my 911 when I got my Spyder because I didn’t need 3.  

In related news: I showed my friend who just sold a Porsche tractor bought a Fiberfab Speedster my PCCA sticker and he was generally disdainful and basically pulled the Groucho Marx “I wouldn’t be a member of any club that would have me as a member” line, Until he realized it wasn’t a Porsche Club of America sticker but a spoof Plastic Car Club, then he said he had to have one for his Speedster AND his GTS. He goes through real Porsches faster than I go through underwear.

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