Reply to "Carb Fuel Leak - Need Some Help"

Decided to take a stab at the repair myself. If I fail, I’ll go the Weber route. Figured I need to learn more about carbs and how to fix/clean/handle them...

- Drilled a tiny hole in the plug and pulled it out

- Cleaned the cr@“ out of it (carb cleaner and compressed air)

- Used my metric tap/die set to make nice 6mmx1.0 threads

- Cleaned the c&@ out of it (carb cleaner and compressed air)

- Placed 6mm hex plugs with gasket forming (gasoline resistant) stuff on the plug threads before screwing it in nice and tight

- Once cured conpletely (24hrs), I’ll clean everything again and put it all back together.

I’ll do the other side tomorrow. And since I’m working on the carbs, I’ll add the hex head idle jet holders I’ve had for about a year in my cabinet and the Jet Doctors...



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