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Reply to "Carlisle 2021.... Save the Dates !"

"Room-Meister" Merklin wrote:  

"Plenty of room" .......Quietly referred to as Hoffa trunks.

Would that be the four-man, Cadillac Sedan de Ville trunk or the larger, more luxurious Oldsmobile 98 six-man trunk?

Come to think of it, "Dear Leader Stan" must have a six-man trunk in his rolling annex of Stanistan - He could drive THAT to Carlisle and just sleep back there!

And as Alan said; "Mask Up, Y'all!"


And since we haven't talked at all about having T-Shirts this year, might I propose these for the group as a reminder, with maybe a few replica cars on the back:

Cows T-Shirt


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  • Cows T-Shirt
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