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Reply to "Chesil Speedster - my planned winter overhaul of '98 build"

So, another busy day or two trying to get this thing fired up before the weekend so I can see my nephew on his birthday.

I got all the tinware fabricated, heat proofed and sprayed gloss black (engine paint - might as well use the same paint as I used on the shroud).


The paint is not super tough, but it'll do and I can easily touch up any scratches as and when they occur. And they will happen because the engine bay is tight so I have to slightly bend the base tins to get around the twin Dells. However, they then bend back easily and with the rubber seals it's a much better airtight fit than I had when I originally purchased this car.

As you can see, I've got the newly extended oil filler tube fitted:


And the ally oil filler and cap slots nicely in the top, with the breather hose hooked up.





I've got the carbs on and the throttle hooked up ready to fire but.. the damned fuel pump relay went kaput last night. And it's an old 5 pin part that no motor factor keeps in stock, so I've had to do an online order and it'll be delivered on Monday. Unless I can can bypass the relay, I won't be starting and tuning the carbs today, and no nephew visit tomorrow. :-( Such is life. Patience is a virtue they say..

Yesterday was brightened up by me having the Test cricket (England vs India) on the iPad - although England were humiliated, and a homemade gluten free coffee cake (unfortunately I became gluten and lactose intolerant two years ago - a complete ball ache! No raspberry jam doughnuts!!)



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