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Reply to "CMC Speedster Build Thread"

JIMMY V. See my above post. 

As far as I can tell they terminated my account because I posted the same comment on about 15 other videos. 

The comment I posted was “If you like this video you might also like my videos” and I gave a link to one of my videos. 

After reading through YouTube’s guidelines it looks like they considered me a spammer for posting the same comment multiple times... 

There is an appeal form which I completed but it sounds like they just deny all appeals, so I’m not expecting anything good to come from that  

I thought it was smart marketing, but apparently not!

The termination email I got was extremely vague. After many google searches and YouTube searches its seems that if this happens there is not much you can do about it.

apparently it’s impossible to talk directly to anyone at YouTube you have to find what’s called a Trusted Flagger to contact YouTube for you...

Anyway it was extremely shocking and confusing. Seems like a bit of an overreaction on their part, but who am I to tell youtube how to run their business. I’m just a guy trying to share car videos. 

Assuming they don’t terminated my new account I should have my videos back up within a few days.