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Reply to "Comments on "BendPak scissor Lift for sale NY""

That's what Mike did (where I picked it up) but I don't see that happening here.  I can get it waaay up there before the opener gets close.  I just don't see the need to go up 4' in the air.  I've set it up with stops for the front tires and if I stop there, the windshield misses the door opener motor unit, but the roll bar will hit the chain channel but, again, that's darned close to 48" and higher than she really needs to be for me to work on her.

Soooooo.......   It's in, the ramps are done and stable, I've moved the hydraulic hose around to neaten it up a bit and get the power unit out of the way and then notched the ramp on that side for the hose to go under.   After all that, it looks like this:


I'll be getting one of those cable hazard strips like I've seen at trade shows so people don't trip over extension cords, to cover the hose at front right.  

I found that I could sneak Pearl onto it without hitting anything (all the low stuff is at the rear before it gets to the lift, like the sway bar and sump), but Chris' 996 is an inch or two lower (!), hence, the added ramp boards.  In the end, it's in, she's up and it's time for tea.



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