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YES!  A successful trip!  We had four people there and we managed to load and secure a 1,000 pound scissors lift and NO ONE GOT HURT! (That's a minor miracle, in my book).  

As it turns out, Mike told me of a way to avoid the "No-Trailers Allowed" Taconic Parkway on the way home.  @DannyP when you turned right at Beekman I went left (east) expecting to re-join I-84 at the exit before the Taconic, maybe ten miles east.  

I didn't realize that I-84 goes a lot more south than east in that direction as it heads back to Danbury.  The cheerful-sounding (but evil - I'm sure of that, now) GPS lady had other ideas, though, and took me for a merry ride through some absolutely beautiful farms and woodlands for about 30 minutes until I finally had enough of her keeping me lost, and on the last turn, where she told me to turn left, I said "NO Frikkin' WAY!" and went right just to spite her and, lo and behold, 2 miles down the road I was back on I-84.  In Waterbury, way east of Danbury.  Almost 35 miles east of Mike's.  In fairness, though, going the way I did, she had to get me around the northern end of Candlewood lake so I was going north while I-84 tends to go in a big dip south down to Danbury but I had no idea of that while riding around lost out there.

I had it all planned out how to get the 1,000 pound lift up onto the trailer using an electric winch and that worked GREAT!  BUT......    I hadn't given as much thought to how the hell to get it off of the trailer once I got home.   Chris came over and we recruited my neighbor and his friend, who was visiting, and we managed to off-load it in under 5 minutes without (a.) anyone getting hurt and (b.) without damaging the lift, or the trailer or the garage.  Sometimes Miracles DO happen!  it just takes a bunch of people working together.  Oh, and Gravity - That helped a lot, too.


"Eight hands make lift work".


Tomorrow I'll start getting it set up in the garage bay to the right where it'll store under the Speedster between using it.  The power unit is actually a lever-style tow bar so you can easily (with a lotta grunting) move it around in the garage, but I'll go Danny's route and make it into a semi-permanent installation with 2" X 10"s around it to lift the car up over anything sticking up from the lift and get clearance for the chassis/frame pads.  This thing is rugged, though - you can drive right over it, for sure.   Another successful Clown-Car Day in beautiful New England!


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