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Reply to "Cruising yesterday... grounded today!"

Sacto Mitch posted: 
Stan Galat posted:

Everybody romanticizes winter... 

You're right, Stan.

I used to romanticize winter a lot.

Every time it would drop down under 20 degrees for a week at a time, I'd romanticize the crap out of it.

Every time I'd step off a curb into a puddle of slush that was a little deeper than it looked and my shoes would fill with ice water, you could hear me romanticizing halfway down the block.

As a news photographer, when everyone else was seeking shelter from the storm, I'd be sent out into the maw of the beast, looking for the god forsaken places where it was wreaking the most havoc and causing the most human suffering.

See, there I go, romanticizing again.

Winter Expectation and Reality


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