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Reply to "Cruising yesterday... grounded today!"

One more rant, and I'll leave this until the darkness creeps in around the edges again, and I come back to it.

This is a phone shot out my truck's windshield, back on April 23, 2014 (the third day of "spring" that year, or rather the 113th of January):

Hartsburg Blacktop, April 2016

The winter of 2013/14 was particularly harsh. The picture below is what we contended with on a daily basis that year, but this is what every January and February are like. Encased in that block of ice is a disconnect switch for a unit-- we have to shut that off in order to work on something. My son decided he'd rather not take the business over during that winter, and went to work for Caterpillar. I couldn't blame him-- he spent the entire winter on one roof or another.

Back to the disconnect-- what do you suppose the likelihood is of:

  1. Being able to turn this thing off without breaking it.
  2. Being able to turn this thing back on without breaking it.
  3. The customer wanting to pay for the time it takes to simply turn the thing off and back on, assuming we could do it without shattering a $250 disconnect into pieces.



For 20 years, we've been blessed to be able to escape to Mexico for a week or two in Jan./Feb. Last year, we had a blizzard back here while we were down there-- which would have been awesome, except that my recently widowed mother lives in a house right next door to me, and I didn't think to arrange snow-blowing for her. She was snowbound for 3 days. I was not the favorite son (even though I'm the only son).

I've spent 54 winters in the Midwest, and two glorious Januaries in Papua New Guniea.

I gave at the office-- I'm over winter.


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