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Reply to "Cruising yesterday... grounded today!"

MusbJim posted:
Stan Galat posted:

DD761C83-E13F-46C6-84C2-D155FC291EFA7°F this November 12 morning.


YIKES....7 degrees@Stan Galat

7% is what our relative humidity in SoCal has been hovering around for the past few days (re: fires in certain areas of CA.)

The attraction of living in California has eroded tremendously over the years. With what has become a single-party government, an over-reaching 'Nanny' state, constantly increasing taxes to fund bogus projects (a bullet train folly), rapidly deteriorating infrastructure,  always the highest gas prices in the country (currently @ $4.75) due to the cost of refining the 'Special Fuel Mix' required in CA. & superfluous fuel taxes that are never used as intended, blah blah blah....

That being said, during the 'winter' it's nice to be able to leave the local mountains after a weekend playing in the snow...DSCN0734_2DSCN0749

... and 3 hours later, be doing this...IMG_20191102_124439

UGHH! I am happy for you...  but Jealous!  I can drive a considerable distance and I will still freeze to death!