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Reply to "Cruising yesterday... grounded today!"

OverKILLLL Bob posted

I took a chance with the silver lugs and wheel bolts on the black rims...  I have a few friends that don't like it, but I felt that the rims were difficult to make out without some of the silver highlights to help your eyes see all that is going on.  It was a game-time decision.  But those same friends do not like the vintage amber fogs I have put on the vehicle... so I guess you can't please everyone.


That's the joy of these cars, Bob; you get to build it your way without any constraints (from P purists or general public!). Make it your vision, and unless you hang a bunch of american hot rod crap on it or trim the interior out like a Parisian bordello we'll all love it. This of course means that if you trim the engine compartment out in mirrors and diamond tufted pink velour you will hear from me!

Bob: IM S6 posted:

Please yourself.  The people on this site are great at being nice.  Rarely do we hear/see a negative comment.  Those are reserved for anyone who is foolish enough to try to advertise their car for sale here.  

But, we all like our cars the way they are, and that's all that matters.   Although, we all have something we think about changing, and that's the fun of these cars.

I can't wait until I show off my new 20" wheels, and my neon running lights...

Aw, come on, Bob, we only get our panties in a know when people are not being honest.

And regarding your last comment- re-read what I said to Bob above and get on the first plane out here 'cause WE HAVE TO TALK!!!

Your Wet Coast Buddy (and fellow Poopiehead) Al

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