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Cupholder problem solved?

I have no connection to this fellow, but he appears to be a genius!

I’m posting his photos and his description of his product (from a Facebook Speedsters group ) because we all seem to be facing this dilemma…

I don’t know his price — if you happen to email him for information, please post his price in the comments…

See what you think!

“Re: Cup holders question - Someone recently asked about cup holders. I designed for my 964 and Pcar pals a passively anchored single and dual cup holder in black and silver. Slides under the passenger floormat within easy reach. Floormat hides the substantial food grade HDPE base. Holder can be widened to fit any container size - even accommodates handles. Let me know if you are interested in one. Never thought about commercializing it (until now).”

Daniel Sean Patton


"We've come this far -- let's not ruin it by thinking."  – Clint Eastwood 


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