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Drum Skins

I wasn't too happy with the way my front drum skins looked. The centers stuck out too far and just looked cheap.

Wheel center 3Since getting some nice aluminum hubs aren't in the cards for me I thought I'd try something to make them look better. Most people paint the end to look like a hub bearing cap. I wanted to take it a step further, and this is the outcome.

Wheel center 1Wheel center 2Wheel center 4

I might try painting the centers at some point, but I'm going to run it like this for awhile. Now if I could only fill in those pesky hub cap clip holes......

I might even remove the powder coating and get the wheels brushed. Who knows.

This mod was the cheapest way of making them look less cheap.

BTW, who makes a better wheel stud? I had to run a die to clean up the threads on all the studs that I got with my 190s, and they're still rough and they corrode easily.



Images (4)
  • Wheel center 3
  • Wheel center 1
  • Wheel center 2
  • Wheel center 4
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