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Dune buggy build update & photos:  It's been a few weeks and received the custom harness I had made by Mike at Dune Buggy Brothers - eBay ) and every single request I made was spot on , every harness break out section and item is labeled, all grounds are included, it's a bargain at $300.  I ran the tunnel fuel line and shifter rod welding an adjustable end to dial it in. The steering box, tie rods, damper, pedal assembly are all installed & the front disc brakes, master cylinder, lines and hoses. The Berrien chassis design doesn't allow for the chrome hoop style front bumper clearance so I fabricated 1/2" stand off brackets to resolve that issue. Clutch and accelerator cables and tubes, fuel lines and filters are in place too.  Installed the reman ( John Brown) IRS transmission and clutch set. Assembled the engine and that's hanging off the trans and now done. Everything is here except a choice of shifters and seat belts. They sent the wrong adjustable torsion spring plates so I am waiting on that until Thursday's ...Brown Truck. The tape measure tells me the suspension seats and custom Acme seat brackets may be a bit of a height issue, that remains to be seen after I set the body on the chassis. Yesterday flipped the body over onto saw horses to run a harness conduit, I used a  1.25 ID grey electrical conduit that I heated and bent to follow the body underside contour and glued that in place with exterior grade expansion foam,  pulling the harness with some soapy water was easier than anticipated. This coming week I'll wire most of the dash and lighting before setting the body to the chassis after the torsion spring plates get here.



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