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Reply to "East Coast Speedsters"

I'd have to agree with @Troy Sloan that this is not a Kirk era Vintage Speedster built Speedster. There are also several other tells not mentioned by Troy:


On VS cars that Kirk built the door card comes all the way underneath the top rail. This looks pretty shoddy and the door card is loose.


I've never seen a Kirk built VS with the lights and the wipers on the left side of the steering wheel. This one also has a push button start which I've never seen Kirk do. Can't say he never did but I haven't seen one yet. Also, the three bolts at the leading edge of the seat back MIGHT be where the top mounts too and I have certainly never seen that done by Kirk either.


This trim that runs all the way across the back is different and never done by Kirk before. And the red handled thing is either a kill switch or a fire suppression system and I've never seen VS do that either.


For + $40K I'd expect the rubber trim to come to the edge of the bumper.


Never seen a four-tip Monza exhaust on one a VS built car either.


The brake fluid reservoir is usually here on a VS as well. And the trunk prop rod is installed differently than a VS built car also. I wonder where the windshield reservoir and the brake fluid reservoir are at if not in the frunk?


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