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Reply to "Engine Lid Latch"

latch side ways @Michael McKelvey Well I got my new latch and installed it from my builder.   Works like a charm.  FYI, I had to reuse the spring from my old one on the cable side, as which ever car it came from it has a really strong spring which makes pulling the remote cable near impossible to open the latch.  

Hence I put on the old springlatch sdeways which is not as strong and it opens like a charm and pops the lid up just a bit.  I think Carey has these too for you guys south of the 49th. 

Here is is installed and a pict of how it opens with a good fingers worth open so it does not reclose when the cable is hot.

Honestly now that I have it in my hands the old latch could have easily been modified by simply creating the small plate shown and adding a spring.  Look at the first pict you can see the V plate and the RIVET that is missing from the original latch. 

latch installedLatch Lid open


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  • latch installed
  • Latch Lid open
  • latch side ways
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