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Reply to "Engine Lid Latch"

Robert M posted:
IaM-Ray posted:

Here is the new part which is available and I am considering getting, I think Lane has one.  

It seems so simple that anyone can make it. Can We?  

Essentially, you see the top two holes on any latch and they made a metal rising bar that lifts up on the PIN.  with the spring attached.  Simple and Neet concept.  Mike's as well is simple to do but this seems like it belongs     Sorry Mike. 

@aircooled this one you can make and sell  


From where on the internet did you get this photo? Was it a generic photo search, word search, parts catalog, etc?

Robert just a note that Midwest might be your source above link for fiat.  For those who might have a slightly different latch this guy says that their are 100's of different latch types made by Italian companies, some have very small nuance differences, latch position, directionally left or right etc.  and he will send me info on what he has if your trying to retrofit something special. 

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