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Reply to "Facet Fuel Pump"

@MarkusG wrote: "For the placement of the rotary pump, how do you access that space easily? Changing the filter was a bit of a **** show as it was hard to get my hands in there. I'm wondering if there's a secret "insiders" trick here."

Take off the passenger side front wheel and you'll have full, easy access.  Here's what it looks like with the wheel off, looking at the central tunnel ahead of the foot bulkhead.  That big rod, top to bottom in the photo, is the passenger side tie rod.


Top to bottom shows the NAPA fuel filter with the fuel line from the tank coming in from above and left, then the CB Performance pump with inlet on the right and outlet to the hard line in the central tunnel on the left.  The CB pump is wrapped in a protective layer of inner tube and held in place by an insulated electrical clamp.

That third round gizmo at the bottom is the fuel pump for my gas heater.  That is a solenoid pump, but it makes far less noise than a Facet and it's mounted with a rubber-insulated electrical clamp.  When it's running it cannot be heard, even with the engine off.

This photo was taken as I was mocking up the placement of those three components and I've not yet installed a "T" in the fuel hose between the filter and the pumps to feed them both.  Sorry, but I don't have a photo of the completed installation, but the positions of the filter and pumps are the final version.  This shows everything that you'll be placing out there.


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