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Reply to "Facet Fuel Pump"

@MarkusG my two cents worth, or at least two pennies, me living in England and all that.

1. The sound of a Facet fuel pump.  BTW, it's not much quieter when it was previously installed in the car.

2. Location of rotary fuel pump, large Mahle pre-pump fuel filter (and added stop cock that allows me to replace filter without clamping hoses and dribbling fuel everywhere). This is for a right hand drive car, so the location would have to be reversed on yours. The location of the filter also helps when it comes time to replace it by simply removing the wheel nearest.

Don't do what I did and initially mount the fuel pump the wrong way round, so it was blowing air bubbles back into the fuel tank.. doh! Make sure you build in enough slack in the hose length so that you can prop the fuel tank up in order to look through the hole for future inspection of fuel pump or brake master cylinder without having to remove any hose connection.


3. I've also got a Malpassi fuel filter/pressure regulator in the engine bay (which you can just see at the tip of one of the pics on another post here), but that's because it was already there - I just replaced all the hoses but left the Malpassi in the same position.

Hope this helps.

[edit] oh, and if you're doing all this, don't forget to clean out your fuel tank before you stick a new filter and pump in. The small amount of extra time needed is far outweighed by the huge reduction in crud needing to be filtered out along the way to the carbs. Well worth the effort.


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