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Reply to "Finished my Outlaw Speedster"

Here are some pictures of the build...

Body and basic subframe was supplied by Very happy with quality and support. I requested to have the inside of the body covered in woven glassfibre, instead of the usual chopped strand mat. Makes it look and feel much nicer.

The fusebox hides behind the passenger side of the dash, and rotates down for easy access.

I inserted the rear seats of a Coupe, to make the rear a bit more interesting to look at. But with my GRP tonneau you actually don't see it anymore.... (but I know it is there!)

The seats are from Donkervoort: really nice figure-hugging seats.

I located a “Rod Emory” type of GRP tonneau. In the end I didn't use it (it will be for sale), but I used it to create a mould for the tonneau and streamline hump you now see on my car.

Cooling shroud was made by myself from a mould I bought somewhere (I believe it came from Estonia), and I added vanes to split and direct the airflow. I'm working on a new design which I intend to make this summer.

I made the headers myself (plan to remake them in stainless). Subframe was heavily modified to increase stiffness of rear section (no butt-sag on my car!) and added supports to the front as well (incorporates towing eye.



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