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Reply to "Finished my Outlaw Speedster"

Getting a bit bored with the cooling housing (sand, fill, sand, fill) I decided to start fitting my hardtop . Years ago I bought a Glasspar replica shell which I kept in a corner of my garage. I always knew fitting it would not be straight forward, but I decided to make it a bit more special, by making it fit over my tonneau-with-aero-thingy. This means a cutout in the rear screen, and a way to bring back the structural integrity that's lost when making the cut for the aerothingy. Current status:

(apologies for the blurry pics: I covered the aerothingy with cardboard to create an offset to allow for sealing rubber). The green section will be trimmed a lot, so the aerothingy will protrude from the hardtop.



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