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Reply to "Fuel Injection and Electronic Ignition for VW engines - Speeduino Style"

Decided to clean up the wiring while installing the Speeduino in the new box under the package tray.

The first thing was to build a new rear relay and fuse box. This powers the ECU, wide band, idle air control, ignition module, fuel injectors, AC fan and compressor clutch and the oil cooler fan. It employs a hidden security switch that allows the driver to disable the whole box effectively forcing a thief to tow to steal.

I splurged and bought a cheap DYMO label printer that could make shrink wrap labels. No more scratching my head as the bomb timer ticks down - was it the red wire or the blue wire?

I also bought a bunch of Deutch waterproof connectors to allow easy removal of the various system components and to make it dead-easy to drop the engine.

My kind of fun and part of my never ending battle against entropy.PXL_20210831_184443224PXL_20210831_184457857PXL_20210831_184508514


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