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Full Flow OIl Filter/Cooler Articles updated in the Knowledge Base

I've just finished updating all four parts of this article, which details how to;

1.  Drill and tap your Type 1 engine case for full flow oiling, as well as;

2.  Locating and installing an external oil filter and cooler at the rear of your car, along with;

3.  Installing a pressure-limiting cover on your oil pump.  

All sections are illustrated with full color photos to better describe the process.  Those photos had been missing from the original articles after a major policy change from Photobucket, a once-useful photo-sharing site, made them publicly unavailable.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Remember, that this is premium content on this site and you'll need to be a "Donating Member" in order to access it (but the Resources/Knowledge Base section is worth the price of a donation, all by itself).

Hope this helps someone!  
Gordon - The Speedstah Guy from Massachusetts

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