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Reply to "Full Flow OIl Filter/Cooler Articles updated in the Knowledge Base"

This is what I found in my service manual (What....You think I can remember all this stuff?)

"The external cooler is a 16-pass, fan assisted, DeRale 15800 cooler mounted in the Driver’s side rear wheel well and plumbed into the oil delivery system with ½” ID hoses with AN-8 fittings.   The cooler fan is driven by an electrical thermostat set at 180° which drives a relay mounted on the driver’s inner fender wall, just forward of the ignition coil, to operate the fan.  The relay then turns the fan on and off as needed.  There is no over-ride switch.  There is a spare, new cooler in the parts stash."

I checked in my parts stash in the attic and here is the box info:


As in my article, I mounted it with the aluminum brackets that come with it, and thoe set if off of whatever surface it is attached to by about 3/4".  That has been adequate air flow to keep my 2,110cc between 200 - 205 on highways and stop and go.


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