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Reply to "Happy Day. New Weber’s arrived!!"

Well quick update

still chasing the idle jet AF  

still running rich on the idle jets 9.9-10.5 

Current  jets

45 idle 

125 Main

200 air 

At Idle I can get a good mixture using the adjusters  

still running about 10-10.5 in the idle circuit (cruse) under 2700rpm

WOT is 13.1

cruse above 4000 14.1  a little 2 on the nose and runs a tad HOT. 

i have a bit, and I do mean just a bit of a stumble at the end of the progression before the main kicked in  This went away when I went up to 130 mains. I’ll probably end up with the 130s    

I do have a SVDA  Pertronix 

I have ordered  some 40 idles  to see if I can get it to lean out but I am starting to wonder what’s up  I figured I would have gotten lean going from the 55 all the way down to the 45. But honestly not seeing much change on the merger or smell at cruse  

 Open to any opinions or comments.