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Reply to "hardtop for 356 vintage speedster"

I have learned so much about German bureaucracy and all kinds of requirements and stuff one needs to be aware of to avoid the ever lurking trap doors . That´s why I´ve said, I´d be happy to coach and help through the process, if anyone should want to bring another speedster over

Here are some of the things I´ve done! See attached photos

* European tail lights (red/amber) are a must, otherwise you´re asking for trouble

* hidden under the dash are the switches for emergency flashers, rear fog lamp and add. front lights, and the additional fuse box

* also underneath the dash are two power/USB connectors

* moved the wiper switch a touch over, installed an original looking clock, and Bosch ignition

* mounted two removable stopwatches...(no holes drilled!) we're ready for some oldtimer rallyes

* Mounted two period-looking add. headlights and the fog lamp in the back.

Now all I need is a great-looking hardtop !


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